Exclusive look at the 2020 L.A. Create & Cultivate Conference VIP gift bag!

On February 22, 2020 I attended my very first Create & Cultivate conference in Los Angeles, VIP style!

Overall, it was such a great experience. But this post will not be about my first impression or personal experience at the conference, I will be posting a separate YouTube video for that. This post will simply go over all of the goodies that came in my VIP swag bag! Along with all of the other goodies that various vendors/sponsors were giving out throughout the day at the conference.

Let's start by taking a look at all the free goodies I was able to snag throughout the day. The conference layout was as follows. There were two stages for panel discussions, a main stage and the second stage. They were both on opposite ends of the venue, and in between they had an outdoor area with brand booths and also an indoor area that consisted of more booths, the VIP lounge and tons of snacks! So, here is a photo of all the goodies I was able to collect throughout the day.

That's a lot of stuff right! Let's break it down.

1. Upon walking into the conference, the first thing I was gifted was a small Create & Cultivate branded "At-A-Glance" planner.

2. Not Your Mother's Booth: They gave me a small brown bag with a couple of stickers, I could then fill the bag with as many samples as I could fit in it. They also had wide tooth comb

3. Olly Booth: They had all of their supplements on display and were handing out some samples. I got two samples. One was their "Sleep" supplement and the other I can't remember what it was as I ate it right away (oops).

4. Nivea Booth: They had a cute little ice cream cart filled with different flavor lip balms and I got one in "Vanilla Buttercream".

5. Pinterest Booth: They were giving out hair accessories (your choice, but only one per person). I chose the square clip with pearls.

6. Picmonkey Booth: They were doing really cool portraits with a custom Create & Cultivate background which they would email you. Also, they handed me a very cool and much needed metallic bag with a cute pair of pink socks, two sheets of stickers and a free month of Picmonkey (which I already use & love). You can see my portrait to the left.

7. Nuface Airstream Booth: They had complimentary treatments. You had a choice of a facial or lip plumping. I opted for the lip plumping since I had a full face of makeup. Then they gave me a small rose colored sating bag with a cute rose gold compact, a handful of face wipes and a coupon.

8. Jessica from RAGGEDYTIFF on IG: She didn't have a booth, but was also attending this event and I ran into her. She was so awesome and gifted me two "Arriba Las Mujeres" stickers from her new collection.

9. Lily's Booth: Had chocolates so they gave me two bars of chocolate from their new flavors (Hazelnut and Salted Caramel).

10. Dr. Brandt Booth: They were giving out a full sized "Microdermabrasion Exfoliant" with different affirmations tied to them. Their current theme is mental health.

11. iHerb Booth: They had a cute little booth/set in which you could take a cool photo or boomerang (your choice). Then they gifted me with a full sized face serum, a retinol serum and three bags of matcha green tea powder.

12. Create & Cultivate Booth: They had cool vegan leather cup sleeves with different words in gold. I got the one that read "WERQ".

13. Acco Booth: They were giving out a Create & Cultivate branded clip folio.

14: All of the snacks and drinks in the photo, including the plastic Create & Cultivate branded wine glass were provided by the event throughout the day at various drink and snack stations.

Wow! I'm glad we were able to get through the first part. Remember that was not the gift bag aka swag bag, those items were just the items I was able to get during the conference for FREE!

At this time feel free to get up and do some stretching while we get into the contents of my actual VIP gift bag!

The photo above is everything that came in my gift bag. When it was handed to me, it consisted of two tote bags (shown at the very top/center of this photo), filled to the brim with product. Also, keep in mind that there are several smaller bags in this photo which are also filled with even more product. I will once again break everything down for you. Please note that I have no clue about some of these items but I will try my best to describe what it is or show detailed photos. I will start off on the left side of the photo.

1. Jessica Simpson's new book called Open Book.

2. Various coupons, flyers and magazines.

3. Lily's: bar of chocolate in "Salted Caramel".

4. House of Lashes: holographic wristlet filled with some fake lashes and lash glue.

5. TRU: packet of plant based protein powder in "Peanut Butter Banana Cupcake".

6. Bamboo straw (1)

7. Peace Out - Emergency: Blackhead pore strips

8. The Good Patch: B 12 Awake patch.

9. Lapcos: Charcoal Skin Mask (1) and Exfoliating Cleansing Pad (1).

10. Olly: Collagen Gummy Rings (1)

11. Simply Gum: Ginger Gum Pack (1)

12. Pachamama CBD:

13. Star Ring Holder

14. NY&C Beauty: Iconic perfume rollerball.

15. Crunchmaster: Bag of grain-free snack crackers.

16. Seven7h Sense: Secret Glow, CBD face oil.

17. Zitsticka: 1 zit sticker.

18. Ursa Major: Essential face wipe (1)

19. Traditional Medicinals: Two tea bags

20: Nivea: Nourishing body wash (travel size)

21: Then I Met You: Soothing tea cleansing gel

22: Califia: Nitro Latte with Oatmilk

23: Sun Bum: Revitalizing 3 In 1 Repair

24: dr. brandt: Needles no more (full size)

25: Blume: Melt Down; Oil for acne-prone skin

26: PiperWai: natural deodorant sample.

27: ONE: Protein bar in "Cinnamon Roll".

28: Foria Intimacy: Topical arousal oil with CBD and organic botanicals.

29: Seven7h Sense: CBD deep relief cream sample.

30: Not Your Mother's: Part Time (Air Dry Accelerator).

31: dr. brandt: No more baggage.

32: KVD Vegan Beauty: Go Big or Go Home mascara (full size).

33: Andalou: CannaCell Dreamy Night Cream.

34: Batiste: Dry Shampoo (full size).

35: Vagisil: V friendly bath bomb in "Peach Blossom".

36: Sympli Beautiful: Activated charcoal pore refining mask.

37: Everyday for Every Body: Antioxidant Infused Dry Touch Sunscreen.

38: Bombas: Pair of socks.

39: Fabric Totes (2)

40: La Croix: Denim hat

41: dr. brandt: Pore refining primer

42: Oil Sample

43: Nivea: Creme.

44: Plastic coin purse "Look Cute Make Money" with some stickers.

45: Colony Co.: Reusable produce bags

46: Kit.sch: Bracelets.

47: Primally Pure: Body Butter (3) in "Almond + Vanilla", "Citrus + Mint", "Eucalyptus + Lavender".

48: onekind: Dream Cream (sample size).

49: Brahmin: Clutch

50: Cora: Tampon and pad samples.

51: CAULIPOWER: Coupon for a free crust, a couliflower stress toy and a fanny pack.

52: Anser: Sample sizes of "Beauty Formula" and "Women's Multi".

53: iHerb K-Beauty: small bag full of various items (picture shows details).

And that's it ladies and gentlemen! That was everything that came in the swag bag for the Create & Cultivate conference in Los Angeles, CA. I think I have enough product here to last me for the entire year!

I also think I might end up gifting some of these items throughout the year.

I do know that there were slight variations of these gift bags and there was also a "general admission" bag and a "VIP" bag. So tell me your thoughts? Did you attend? What did you get? What was your favorite product?

I will be doing a YouTube video with my first impressions on this particular event and it will be up soon. In the meantime you can go over to my channel, subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you won't miss the drop.


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